Monday, March 31, 2008

Cherry Blossom Festival

My sister Brandi came to visit from Texas for a few days this week. We had so much fun. We did all the sites and walked like crazy. She is pregnant too and due the same time I am, so we must have been a funny couple of pregnant women walking around down town. She came just in time for the Cherry Blossom Festival. We took the Metro down to see all the blossoms around the Jefferson Memorial. I've never seen the Metro or downtown so crowded! We had a lot of fun and the cherry blossoms were beautiful. Abbi slept through the whole thing of course!

My little monkey at the ZOO!

I took my sister Allison and Abbi to the zoo a few days ago. Abbi was not into the pandas or elephants or tigers, but she really liked anything monkey looking. I think the Orangutans were her favorite. They were playing peek-a-boo and coming really close to her. She kept saying "George" as in Curious George. We didn't see any monkeys that looked like George though.


We spent Easter weekend at Grandma Raine's house. We painted easter eggs, had an easter egg hunt and ate lots of yummy food! Abbi discovered candy and ate a lot of it. As soon as she figured out what was in those plastic eggs, she found about 25 of them pretty fast!

Abbi's Sophisticated Pallet

We tried out this French restaurant by our house a few days ago. We ordered pate and thought we'd let Abbi try it. She ate more than half of it! Who knew!

Adjusting to the Cold

We're here in DC. It's been on and off a little chilly here. Since we don't have a car, we have to walk to the metro or other places we want to go to get around. It's been fun, but cold. Abbi didn't like getting dressed up in her outerwear at first, but now that she realizes that it means we get to go bye bye, she loves it! This was our first trip out into the cold.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We Finally Made It!

Hello everyone! We've moved! We are living in Washington DC for 3 months and moving into our new house in June! Paul is working out here for a few months so we thought it would be fun to live in the city for a while before we moved into the burbs! Here are some pictures of our apartment and the city around it. We haven't even been here 24 hours and already its been an adventure! We don't have a car here so we are doing a lot of walking and metro riding! It's fun, but a little hard with a baby and being 6 and a half months pregnant! Here is our new address in case any of you need to reach us:
1765 R St. NW
Washington DC, 20009

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Man, check out these shirts I designed for my kids! Am I a mean mom or what! What geeks we are!

Monday, March 10, 2008

My Baby Loves Babies!

Abbi just loves her babies. She is getting so grown up! She will be such a good big sister...I hope!