Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How to be a "Good Parent"!

From my two years experience of being a parent, I have learned many lessons. Since I am such a good mother, I thought I would share a few pointers for all you out there who feel you could use some advise on how to be a successful parent.

Lesson #1: Never Allow a Sleeping Adult to Hold a Small Baby...

Lesson #2: Always be sure to provide children with properly fitting protective eyewear...

Lesson #3: Be sure children get plenty of nutritious food and eat meals at regular times while sitting at the table with family...

Lesson #4: Never allow children to fall asleep with food in their mouths as this could become a choking hazard...

Lesson #5: Always be sure children wear clothing or sunblock in direct sunlight to avoid harmful exposure to UV rays...

Lesson #6: Never allow children to sleep with sharp objects or toys...this may be a choking hazard...

Lesson #7: Be sure to provide developmentally age-appropriate toys for your children...

I hope this small lesson in parenting was helpful to those of you who wish to follow in my footsteps and become the best mother that you can be!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Famous Dave's BBQ

We ate at Famous Dave's BBQ for dinner. Best BBQ place I've ever been to! Wish there was one near my house!

Children's Museum AGAIN!

Since my family was here we decided to go to the Children's Museum again. The kids had a lot of fun! Check out the video of all of them singing and dancing!


Swimming at our hotel!

Nickelodian Universe

So, since we are in Minneapolis right now, my family (who lives in Washington DC) drove out to see us. It took 18 hours and they drove through the rain from Hurricane Ike to get here! It was so good to see them though! We went to the Mall of America and to Nickelodian Universe which is the theme park inside the mall. I rode all the rides with my sibblings while Paul took Abbi on the Carousel and my mom cruised the mall with Jackson!

Friday, September 12, 2008


We went to an Apple Orchard in Belle Plaine, Minnesota. It wasn't anything special really. I guess we came the day before they opened, so nothing was really going on, but they have this big "Scarecrow Festival" so people were there setting up some pretty funny scarecrows. There was even one of Michael Phelps that looked just like him, height and all! We had some caramel apples, apple dough-nuts and more sugar! It was fun, but it was nothing compared to Apple Hill!

Children's Museum

We went to the Minnesota Children's Museum which is probably one of the coolest places I've ever been! We spent all day there and still didn't do everything! Abbi had a blast! There were all sorts of different hands on exhibits and much much more! We had so much fun that I checked to see if Sacramento has a Children's Museum. They don't, but some people are in the process of starting one, so I am going to volunteer there. They hope to open it sometime in 2009. How fun!

Real Live Cabbage Patch Doll!

We went to the "Mall of America"...the biggest mall in America and they had "The World's Largest Playgroup" there. There were seriously about 200 moms with kids! They were giving away all sorts of free stuff and a real live cabbage patch doll came out to say hi to the kids.

Giant Park!

We went to this huge playground outside of Minneapolis. It was the biggest playground I've ever seen. It was built like a McDonald's playground, but about 20 times bigger. Abbi mostly played on the little slides, but she had fun!

Airplane Fun!

The kids did pretty well on the flight to Minneapolis. Abbi fell asleep with her hands in a bag of peanut m&m's. So typical!

Cancelled Flight!

So on our way to Minneapolis we had a layover in Phoenix. But our second flight got canceled so we were stuck in Phoenix for the night. But luckily, our friends Dustin and Kari live in Mesa, so we got to go see them! They have a son Abbi's age and a daughter Jackson's age, so it was fun to see the kids play together. Here are some pictures of Jackson and Jilian (Jack & Jil...cute huh?)
(sorry for the crummy pictures, i took them on my phone)