Sunday, April 13, 2008

London Calling!

So today we went to London after sleeping for about 2 hours on the plane! We were so tired, but we were only there for 21 hours and wanted to take advantage of every minute! We did a lot of fun things. We took the double decker bus tour of London and got to see most of the city that way. Then we took a ride on the London Eye. Then we took a cab to Porters and had some Meat Pies and Fish & Chips. Yummy! We also discovered that the English don’t believe in cold anything….Milk, water, soda…all warm! Yuck! Maybe they haven’t discovered ice there yet! Then we went to Covent Garden and walked around the shops…quite the night life over here! Then we took the underground back to our hotel and slept for 4 hours and got up and flew to Germany….phew! What a day!

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