Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Paul's Trip to Japan

I was working in Japan for a week and though I spent most of my time training people, at the end of the week I finally had a chance to see some of the sights. While in Japan, I stayed at the Yakota AirForce Base outside of Tokyo where I enjoyed watching C-130s taking off all day and night. While site seeing, I took the train through Tokyo to Kamakura and visited the Hase-Dera Temple and Daibatsu - The Great Buddah. These were a short walk from each other. From Kamakura I took a train to Katase, where I then walked across the bridge to Enoshima Island. Enoshima is a small island that is basically a large hill off the coast of Japan. On the way up the hill, you pass through a little Japanese market, as well as multiple shrines, eventually reaching a lighthouse on top of the island. There was a fantastic view from the top of the lighthouse of the Japanese coastline and beaches. Any way, I had about 8 hours to do sightseeing and here are some of the pictures of what I saw.

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