Monday, October 20, 2008

Baby Love!

It is a proud day in the life of any mother when her child emulates her mothering qualities. Yes, Abigail has discovered baby dolls! She is such a good mommy to her baby. She calls it "baby Jack" because that's what the real baby's name is. She always says, "2 babies" It's really cute. She likes to "change baby poo poo" and feed "baby milk drink" and put baby "sleep-ni-ni" in Jackson's crib. The baby goes for rides in Jack's carseat and in his swing. It also loves to spend time in the exersaucer! Who knew having a fake baby could be as much fun as a real baby!


  1. That little princess will be babysitting before you know it!! Will she change baby Carter's diapers when we get there?! Can't wait to see you Abigoo!!

  2. he is becoming a little you.I love you Abbi. Ally