Saturday, May 9, 2009

San Diego Trip...well some of it!

Well, this is the trip where we soaked our camera in hot chocolate. Woops! So we've only got a few pictures and videos I was able to salvage from the camera.

We did lots of fun things. The zoo, sea world, disneyland! And of course no proof. haha. We went down for a little reunion with Paul's good buddies from Canada that he grew up with. We haven's seen any of them for about 5 years, so it was so good to see everyone and all their kids! There were seven kids and six adults in the house. We were right on the ocean so it was so nice to wake up to that every morning. I sure miss that here! Hopefully I'll have some more pictures soon!

This is Clayton, his wife Amie, and their kids Sophie, Isla, and Graeme

This is Dustin, his wife Kari and their kids Jonas and Jilian

Abbi's new BFF Isla. These two were peas in a pod all week. Abbi is 2 (left), Isla is 4 (right). But you would have thought they were twins!

My handsome boys!

Just because she's cute!

This is my strange child...She must have thought the dirt was sand, since we'd been at the beach all week. That's the only explanation I could come up with.

Ah! Sea World...see we were there! The kids got to feed the bat rays. They were so cool and slimy!

Paul giving the kids magic blanket rides.

The kids all decided they needed a magic blanket ride. Paul was good enough to drag them up and down the hallway for about a half an hour!

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