Sunday, December 6, 2009


Sorry, It's been too long I guess! I can't believe December is already here. In a week and a half we leave to go back east to be with my family for Christmas. We can't wait to see them! Here are some pictures from Halloween I should have put up a month ago, but that's just how life is right now! Enjoy...

Little Bo Peep and her Sheep. I made their costumes this year!

Abbi & Jack with their Aunt Heather the Treckie!

I was a brunette Tinker Bell if you couldn't tell. Abbi loved that!

The Lamb and the Lion!

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  1. OK, I hope you're a professional seamstress by trade because if you just sew like that for fun I'm going to be sick all over the floor! Mainly because I'm green with envy!