Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Fun!

We have a jam-packed week with Halloween coming, Amelie's baby blessing, and my mom coming all pretty much on the same day. Not to mention, I've got to finish sewing Amelie's blessing dress by Sunday! Well, start and finish it really! So we decided to carve pumpkins today before we had no time! We made a girl pumpkin for the girls and one for the boys!

This is what Abbi wanted hers to look like:

This is what Buddy wanted his to look like:


Final products:

Then we celebrated with Halloween cupcakes:

I never knew anyone could make such a mess of a cupcake! I found orange frosting under his armpits!

Meanwhile Amelie was being her sweet self and giving me lots of smiles:


Pictures of Costumes coming soon!

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