Saturday, January 15, 2011


My sister Brandi and I took an incredibly spontaneous trip to San Francisco on Wednesday. We took the kids to play at golden gate park, which is awesome! We go everytime we make a trip to the city. And the weather was actually favorable! The kids found a pet worm. Jeff, jack and carter would not touch it, but kami and abbi were all over that! We had to talk kami into finding it a good home in the dirt rather than the sand in which it came from.

On our way to eat we drove down Lombard street. That was a little scary in a Honda pilot!

Then out to the boudin factory for bread bowls. It's always comical to me when we take our kids to restaurants in San Francisco. The people always seem a little less family-friendly! But we made it through dinner with relatively few melt downs, poopy diapers, and disapproving glances! I think this is the only picture we got with all the kids in it. They were looking at all the bread animals in the window. How cute.

Then we made the kids walk .6 miles up hill to Ghirardelli square. Which was apparently torture! I had to pretty much remind jack to keep walking every second! But, we got our cupcakes and chocolate and then everyone was happy!
Then while walking back (at least it was down hill) we ran into a magician. That really made the kids' night.

YouTube Video

Overall I think we had a great time!

Vanessa & Fam

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