Monday, February 14, 2011

Best Valentine's Ever!

We had the best V Day ever today! It started last night. We got heart attacked! Our lawn was covered with hearts! Then we got doorbell ditched And someone left a huge bag full of goodies, clothes and toys! It was awesome!

I had a trail of hearts leading to breakfast (cinnamon rolls my friend Karen brought over-most delicious ones I've ever had!) I told the Kids we got to have cake for breakfast! That went over well!

The note from my secret admirer:

Teddy Bears:

Amelie's new v day outfit via secret admirer as well (managed to wear it all blow outs!)

Heart Attack:

For Paul, I cleaned our bedroom. Sounds silly, but it was still recovering from having the cradle and my box of maternity clothes so it was a big job! Didn't take a picture though and now it's already messy so you'll have to take my word!

For Dinner...
My bleeding heart meatloaf: (it was a huge hit!)

After dinner we took the whole Family to see Gnomeo & Juliet. It was so cute and worth seeing in theaters. Valentines day I've ever had! I hope everyone out there had a great day too!

Vanessa & Fam

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