Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Latest Medical Adventures of Jackson Hunt......

[May contain graphic images not suitable for small children or weak stomachs]

So jack had this blister looking thing on his foot on Friday. I didn't think much of it. Kids get blisters all the time right? Then on Sunday morning he was really complaining about it. I looked closely and it looked like this:

All swollen and red and grayish purple. His pinky toe and whole foot was so swollen! Paul took him to urgent care where the doctor gave him oral antibiotics and sent him home. Later that evening he started getting red streaks up his ankle and it got more swollen and he got a fever and was screaming in pain! So we ended up here:

The ER on a Sunday night! They had to give him an IV of antibiotics which took 2 hours. He was so brave! His arm "having a drink of soda" At least maybe I scared him away from soda for the rest of his life!! Owie:

Feeling better and eating chocolate pudding. Shortly after this picture I laid down by him and he threw up more than I've ever seen a little kid throw up in my life. And I've seen a lot of throw up in my time! They had to cut his shirt off :( The last picture with his roots Canada shirt (gift from Aunt Heather...time for another trip to Canada!)

Buddy with his little hospital gown. It was kind of cute actually and now it's in our dressup box.
Getting tired:

We finally got to go home around midnight. His foot was still getting worse so we went BACK to the doctor on Tuesday only this time to his pediatrician. He said we needed to lance it which is what we all thought in the first place but none of the other doctors would do! So it took four of us to hold him down while the doctor lanced and drained his foot. I watched and it was like a gross fountain of puss and blood (sorry). Nothing worse than seeing your child in pain and having to be part of it!

It's been wrapped up and healing:

Recouping with sister:

The final product:

Still nasty, but much less infected and swollen. I took him to his pediatrician yesterday and he said he was worried about hospitalization and amputation the day before, but now it is healing miraculously fast! So thank you to everyone for their thoughts and prayers and priesthood blessings and names in the temple! I know they all worked and I'm so blessed to have such great friends and family to support us!

Vanessa & Fam

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