Thursday, September 16, 2010

Still Here!

Well, I'm still here. 2 weeks past my "false alarm" and no baby! It's been a rough wait! Thinking that you're so close 2 weeks ago and now being 3 days from my due date? But I've been able to get a lot done with these extra weeks. It's been eventful: Paul had strep throat for about 2 weeks (finally better officially as of today!) My car broke down (fixed), I spent quality time with my kids, got some much needed shopping done (by myself), made some new FHE games, and had time to sit and think/worry. I think it was a little blessing in disguise really. A little reminder to get my rear end in gear and do those things I've been meaning to do before baby comes! Well, I'm done now, can I have the baby yet? I'll let you know!

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