Thursday, July 21, 2011

6 Flags

I got to go to 6 Flags with just Abbi, Ally & Jordan. Aunties were nice enough to watch Amelie and Jackson for me. I missed them both so much but it was nice to spend some quality time with Abbi. We had a blast! I've never been before, and I quite enjoyed myself. It's no Disneyland, but I thought it was great.

Being Silly in the back seat while Jordan chauffeured us to 6 flags. We all made it there alive! Thanks Jordan!

Abbi told me she needed a "foot break" I think she was tired of standing in line.

Brandi & co. met us there for the last part of the day. Abbi was excited to see her BCF Kami (Best Cousins Forever)


Abbi and Carter on the Submarine ride. He was so happy till the ride started!

Amazing butterfly garden! This was my favorite part. It also had a koi pond with huge koi!

Baby Audrey:

We looked at the sharks and fish for about 45 mins. The kids loved them. The kids in front of the dolphin tank:

Abbi won this super girl cape. If you can really call handing a guy $5 and swinging around a hammer winning!

She sleeps with this cape on and wanted to wear it to church!
We got Buddy a Batman one.

Ally the Super Aunt! Sorry there are no pictures of Ally because she had the camera and I had my phone and I really only blog from my phone these days. She and Jordan were off on the big rides most of the day. I love this drawing she had done! That's Abbi, Jack & Amelie:

- Vanessa & Family

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