Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Oh my goodness! I'm terribly behind on my blogging. It's been crazy, to say the least, but I'll do a quick picture recap of our next two months...

Loomis family nights

Painting with Abbi at Petroglyph:

Camping out with toys:

Buddy's Birthday at Mel's. Then Kung Fu Panda 2 with the cousins.

Bounce U!

McDonalds with BFF Ryan for Birthday Fun!

My handsome boy turned 3!

Abbi's house:

We went to see Mary Poppins (wonderful!)

Ami's new favorite drink (JK)

Giant birthday party at the church for 5 kids!

Amelie learned how to crawl (she's 9 months now...almost 10!)


Steph came for a visit and ended up in the hospital with diabetes! Poor girl. She was such a trooper!

Sleepy Janie Girl!

Allison and I dog-napped this cutie (it was an accident...we thought she was lost. We returned her the next day and realized we had taken her from her own driveway. Oops!)

Just because:

Sara and Elise graduated from 8th grade! I did Elise's hair and makeup. They are both gorgeous aren't they?!



Finger lights...thanks Aunt Steph!

The pool is finally warm enough to swim in! There's a picture of buddy lounging here too, but he has no clothes on so I thought it might be inappropriate to post!

Picnics at the park!

Taking turns trying on mommy's hat:

Cousins in their new dresses:

Cousin movie night:

Putting the kids to work:

Jeff accidentally took a paint roller to everyone's head. I think he was the only one without paint in his hair! Jackson painted a tree in the backyard.

Cooling off after strenuous child labor!

First popsicle:

Guess it was a hit!

More park fun!

Shortly after this picture I got sick with E-coli and was on my death bed for over a week! Luckily I got semi-better the day before leaving for Utah!

The Y:

My old apartment in Provo

Paul's old room in a laundromat...gross!!!

BYU Creamery...I blame this place for the 5 pounds I gained on vacation! That and Shirley's buns!!!! Still some in my freezer!

Enjoying her first taste of BYU creamery chocolate milk: (I know, I'm a good mom!)

Thanksgiving point:

Stadium of Fire

I have more Utah pics I'll post later. This post is getting a little too long!
Vanessa & Fam

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