Sunday, November 9, 2008

Family Pictures!

Hi friends and family,
Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. Most of you know that baby Jack has been sick with pneumonia and in and out of the dr's a lot the past few weeks! We think he is out of the woods now though, so we can get back to life! I'll post some sad pictures from the hospital later, but until then, here are some happier pictures!

We had our family pictures taken by a photographer who is just amazing! She can make make the most beautiful pictures out of the worst situations! My kids were not in the mood to have their pictures taken and Jack spit up on me...bad...but the pictures turned out so great! Here are some of them. Visit her site, she is amazing!


I didn't even know she was taking our picture here, but it turned out nice...


  1. Those pictures are gorgeous. She is really good. I love the one where you are all looking at your shadows. Poor little Jackson, I hope he gets better soon.

  2. So sweet!! I agree with Celeste, the shadow pic is gorgeous!! I wonder what she could do for our family...!!! We can't wait to see you guys!! Love you!!

  3. cute family pictures, Jake and I tried to do family pictures but unfortunately never got around to it so we are sending out just pictures of Lena on our Christmas cards.

  4. Your family pics look great!!! I love the fall colors. Hope little Jackson feels better soon!!!

  5. Amazing Van! You really can pick a great photographer. Abbi is just breathtaking in the fairy skirt pic - like a little bueaty queen. CJ wants his Abbi!

    See you soon.


  6. Keri does such a great job and I love the colors you chose. Your kids a adorable!

  7. Van these are amazing!!! You didn't tell me you got your hair cut. It looks Awsome!!!I love you!