Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You Know It's Been a Long Day When...

{here are some adventures in parenting from a worn out mom...ME! I hope you Enjoy!}

You KNow It's Been a Long Day When...

your beds been peed on and you're too tired to change the sheets.

your daughter has watched every princess movie she owns

you feed your baby bananas at every meal because you're too tired to fight with the peas and you think maybe it will make him stop pooping!

you go to your mother-in-law's for dinner (just kidding mom!)

you let your daughter have 57 toys in her crib when she goes to bed.

you cave-in to every demand even if it is not accompanied by a "pleesh".

you think you must just be hearing things when the baby starts crying 30 minutes into nap time.

you don't care that gas is $4/gallon...whatever it takes to get the kids to sleep.

you're sore from NOT going to the gym.

you walk out to get the mail alone 3 times a day.

you start sleeping on the couch because the pile of laundry on your bed has encroached on your groove.

you set goals for doing the dishes the day after tomorrow.

you have cereal 3 meals in a row

you bust out the powdered milk from food storage because you don't want to go to the store.

the exersaucer is your best friend

you start talking to your five month old and expect answers.

you are happy the kids are fighting so you have an excuse to send them to their rooms for some peace and quiet.

you can't find your kids' toothbrushes so you tell them to just brush their teeth with their fingers.

it's Breakfast for Dinner night.

the crusted leftovers of the grilled cheese sandwich from your child's half-eaten lunch looks good for dinner.

In the late afternoon you tell the kids they don't need sunscreen - just stay in the shady end of the pool.

You're too tired to change the channel when "Dora the Explorer" comes on so you just watch the show - with or without the kids.

Instead of a bath, you wipe your kids down with wet wipes and put them to bed.

Swimming in the pool qualifies as a bath for up to three days.

Instead of breaking up another sibling fight, you just remind them no hitting, pinching or biting.

You tell your boss, "...because Mommy said so."

You tell your husband, "...because Mommy said so."

You eat at McDonald's and don't even argue with them in the great Apples vs. French Fry debate.

You let ketchup count as a fruit or vegetable with a meal.

You agree to play Hide and Seek with the kids so you catch a quick catnap in the closet.

You throw a few extra Bounce sheets in the dryer instead of re-washing the load you forgot about in the washer.

You'll serve that frozen mystery leftovers so you don't have to brave the grocery store with the kids.

your Hubby gets an e-mail alert that tonight Mommy will be cashing in on some "Me Time."

You'll count dropping the kids off at the Kids Club and suffering at the gym for an hour as "Me Time."

Your legs fall asleep reading People magazine in the bathroom.

you blog hop after the kids go down just hoping to find someone who's life is as dysfunctional as your own, only to be disappointed, and fall asleep in front of your computer.

you post a blog about how dysfunctional your life is in hopes that it will make you feel better...and, in a way, it does!


  1. THose were great!! Why did all of those sound like me! Were you reading my diary! heehee! I can tell you didn't go to bed again until wee hours of the night! :)

    I love your blog!

  2. You were right - I did need to read that. Hilarious. Poor Vanessa - more girl time is definitely in order.