Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My new favorite site!

In case anyone hasn't heard of this site, I thought I'd share it...
It's my new favorite site. I do a lot of online shopping and it has literally saved me hundreds of dollars!

All you do is search for the website you are purchasing something off of and it comes up with all kinds of coupon codes and tells you weather people have had success using them. Just try it out! I saved $3 on a pair of slippers for my mother in law! No biggie, but it adds up!


  1. I will have to try that site. I love slickdeals.net. I find lots of good deals there.

  2. where have you been all my life??? thanks for this tip - you have already saved me $10 at crazy 8 and i am sure you will save me much more in the future. love ya!!