Thursday, March 11, 2010

Way Behind, So Here's Some Randomness...

So I haven't even finished blogging about our trip back east for Christmas. Here's some random pictures and their explanations:

For some reason it's a tradition that my family sends out a Christmas Card picture with us at Famous Dave's BBQ in front of the Pig. Don't know why, but we did it one year and it just stuck! This is our "silly" picture. Obviously I am the silliest!

Mom and Jeremy

Daddy & Abbi

Grandpa & Uncle Devin

So there is a story behind our "matching" sweaters. I got a gift card for Christmas and bought the sweater I am wearing. But when I picked it out I asked my sibblings if it looked like something mom would wear. Not that my mom doesn't have great style, but no one wants to dress like their mom right? They assured me it didn't look like a Mom sweater. The next day we walk into the kitchen wearing nearly identical sweaters, but different colors! haha. I guess I am turning into my mom...don't we all eventually. Good thing I've got a great Mom! We do look great though don't we?


Uncy Devin

Abbi & Mommy & Cornbread

My handsome baby boy Jackson

Wrestle Mania!
We were able to hit one of my brother Devin's wrestling tournaments after Christmas this year. I've never seen him wrestle in High School, so this was fun for me. And for once, I got to explain a sport to my husband...that was definitely a first! Devin did very well and won every single one of the 4 matches he wrestled that day! I'll take credit for that! I'm sure me just being there, gave him confidence right? So he took 1st in Regionals and 7th in State this year. Which is really good. Congrats Devin! And in May, I get to go see him graduate from high school! I can't believe it. I remember the day he was born! I really do!

You Won't See This on the West Coast!
We encountered this "Amish Crossing" sign in Maryland on our way to my brother's wrestling tournament. Not something we see every day in CA.

Hubby Love/Embarassment
So I just LOVE embarassing this guy. Mostly by doing things like kissing him in public. He hates it, but he's so much fun to embarass that it's really his own fault! Sorry babe! Here we are in line for Sherlock Holmes, which was awesome...jee it's already out of theaters, I am way behind!

Hooked on Rook!
Paul's family loves Rook and they got me hooked on the game before Paul and I were even married. This year I decided to bring my Rook cards home for the holidays and I got my brothers and sister hooked. We stayed up all night having Rook tournaments. This was serious stuff, not just fun and games! This is Jeremy trying to stay up past midnight to play with us.

Sister Love!
Sisters in our Sunday Best! Just like the old days!
Beautiful Allison...isn't she gorgeous!? Almost 15. I can't believe it!

Ode to Sparticus!
This is Sparky the family dog. Isn't he ugly, but cute at the same time? He is the strangest, sweetest dog I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure he thinks he's human. I think he felt a little threatened by my kids. But they just love him. If I was ever to get a dog, I'd want one just like Sparky!

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