Friday, May 28, 2010

Disney Cruise Day 1: Embarkation

Our first day on the boat! We were all so excited! We woke up early, had breakfast on the hotel, took the shuttle to the airport, checked in, and got on the bus to Port Canaveral. Who knew it was such a process just to get on a boat! Phew! Once we were on it was nice and relaxing. We got on around noon and just ate, swam and relaxed. Everyone on the boat was very friendly. We kept forgetting that we didn't have to pay for anything. I felt like we were stealing food and drinks!
Big kids in their seat belts!

This is Abbi's friend MaKenna that she met on the bus ride. They had a blast the first day on the boat together. They swam together, went to the kids club and were BFF's. The next morning we saw Makenna and her family and she acted like she didn't know Abbi. Rude! Girls can be so mean! Abbi who is so friendly to everyone and doesn't understand girly mood swings was so confused. Poor girl.

View from our room. Our room was squished, but not as tight as I thought it would be. Abbi's bed pulled down from the ceiling and they set up buddy's crib every night and took it down every morning so there was plenty of space.

Buddy falling asleep in his first of many odd sleeping locations.

Up on deck there was a special "Anchors Away Party" as we left the port. All the Disney Characters were there and they introduced all the Youth counselors. Very fun! The weather was beautiful!

It was weird to be moving through the ocean on a hotel sized boat. We really couldn't feel it until night time when they sped the boat up.

We only spent half a day on the boat and already it was the best vacation ever!

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