Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sunday...the day of REST!

We got back Sunday morning and decided to just take it easy most of the day in our hotel room. But by 5 pm the kids (and parents) were getting a little antsy, so we wandered over to Downtown Disney. Ok, Orlando Downtown Disney, so much bigger than Disneyland Downtown Disney! Wow, it had 4 huge sections and the largest Disney merchandise store in the world (no joke)! We took the kids on the Carousel, then Abbi wanted to ride the teacups haha. We ate dinner at the T-Rex. It's like the Rain Forest Cafe, but with dinosaurs. We thought the kids would like this, but they ended up sleeping through the whole meal! Buddy finally woke up towards the end and was a little frightened of the large lizards, but he eventually warmed up to them and started "roaring" back. It was an experience.

Both kids fast asleep in the stroller as we enjoyed a peaceful meal together (if you consider dinosaurs roaring and wholly mammoths screeching all around you peaceful...I can't believe they slept through the noise)

Buddy having fun on the carousel with Daddy

Abbi waiting in line with her "money" for the carousel

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