Friday, May 28, 2010

Disney Cruise Day 2: Nassau & Boat

Ok, so Nassau is not all the incredible beauty I thought it would be. I guess I was expecting something like beautiful white sandy beaches, friendly tropical locals, good shopping. I don't know! We decided to just spend a few hours walking around the town then get on the boat. This town was a little disappointing. No beaches, lame shopping, locals trying to take your money at every turn and staring at you like you were rodents crawling the streets! We decided this wasn't the place for us, so we got a cab (scary) and took it to the Atlantis Resort.

The cab ride was interesting. We got into a cab with 3 other people. No seat belts. We began our squished ride to Atlantis, then the driver stops in the middle of the street and we load 4 other people into the cab. It was very interesting. We got to see some pretty cool run down parts of the city. Kind of reminded me of Tijuana. So, with 12 people in our small cab we headed over to Atlantis, paid the driver double what he told us the cost would be and began our tour of the resort.

This was not the crazy cab ride. I couldn't move to take a picture of that THAT! This is the ride back. We even had seat belts! High class! We asked someone on the boat earlier if we would need car seats for our kids if we took a cab in Nassau and they literally laughed at us! Now I see why.

Jackson thought he was pretty big stuff to ride in a big boy seat with a seat belt. Between this and the bus ride back to the airport he kind of got used to it and when we got home did NOT want to be strapped back in his car seat.

We just wandered around the resort checking out the Aquarium that goes through the whole place. It's huge! Then we ate lunch at the resort and headed back to the boat on another cab (less interesting this time). We both kind of wished we had just stayed on the boat that day, but it was worth the adventure to see the town. But I don't think I would do it again.

There were literally miles of Aquarium. You could see fish from above ground as well. We even saw some people scuba diving in the tanks.

This guy was cleaning the glass in the Aquarium. Pretty cool job eh?

We ate a yummy dinner on the boat (poor buddy passed out in the middle of dinner) and went to the Toy Story show which was amazing! We loved all the shows on the boat. They were all great! But my kids are big Toy Story fans so I think that was their favorite.

That night was "Pirates IN the Caribbean Night" so we all dressed up as pirates and joined the party up on deck followed by an awesome fireworks show in the middle of the ocean. By then it was 10:30 and our kids were about to pass out on the deck, so we went to bed.

But I snuck out around 11 to go watch a movie in the movie theater on the boat. Who can turn down a free movie by yourself!? I watched the Last Song and did NOT cry! I was so proud of myself!

It was a good long day. Next stop....Castaway Cay!

This Carnival boat followed us around the ocean. It was at Port Canaveral and left right before us and showed up at Nassau right after us. I'm definitely glad we went on a Disney Cruise after seeing some of the people get off this boat.

He just couldn't make it! It was a long day and this spot looked as good as any. He fell asleep in some awkward places during this vacation. He was so glad to see his bed when we got home!

We had a different Towel Animal every night along with chocolates on our bed. The kids loved the chocolate before bed time!

Sunset on the ocean. Both kids were at the kids camp after dinner and we enjoyed some alone time where we just walked around the boat because we didn't know what to do with ourselves! One night we played bingo just for the heck of it. That was interesting. Our kids LOVED going to the kids camp and hardly wanted to spend time with us.

Paul the Pirate! I'm not sure why I don't have pictures of the kids in their pirate get-up. I think I just took videos of them. Sorry.

Here is an entertaining video of buddy falling asleep on the table:

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  1. That video was awesome Van! I can't wait to see you all again!