Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cake Boss

My sister Stephanie is a pro cake maker! I've never met anyone before who could actually make cakes look like something. I thought I was doing pretty good to add a bit of green die and decoration to my box mix cupcakes, but this is really something else. She was nice enough to let me help in the process, though she definitely did about 99% of the work! Brandi and I split the other 1%. Thanks for the experience Steph!

Brandi & Stephanie (baby Janie in the middle)

Three layers: Yellow, Chocolate, & Angel Food. I actually layered and put the frosting in between the layers. Home made Lemon Buttercream Icing! mmmm

Then we printed out a big picture of the little Toy Story Alien guy and traced him on construction paper using different colors for his different pieces. Each piece of paper would be a different piece of fondant.
Then we put the little guy back together again to make sure he looked right.

The part I did. I ended up breaking every piece of the cake. woops!

We cut out the body

Frosted the Body
Rolled Fondant, died it, cut it and laid it over the cake
I think there were 7 different colors of fondant that we had to make. He's coming along nicely isn't he?
Brandi laying some fondant shoes
Finished product!!! Isn't he adorable? Steph got to my house around 9 am and we worked non stop until 5:15! But it was worth it don't you think?

And this is my sad contribution. Aint nothin' homemade about it sorry. Funfetti and died store bought icing, but they were still a hit!

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  1. How fun!! That looks like it would've been a blast to do! I think the cupcakes look great.. and tastey!