Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cupcake Cuteness

We've been making it a little tradition to go to "Icing on the Cupcake" about once every other week. It's good to support local businesses right??? Plus their cupcakes are so yummy and so beautiful. My favorite is the Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcake...mmmm...drooling just thinking about it! My kids just love it too of course. Abbi always has to get the cupcake with the toy in it. Last week it was a pink ring and all week she said it was her beautiful wedding ring and she was going to marry daddy in the temple. Oh to be 3 again!

Buddy was pretty excited to be given a whole cupcake to himself to just go at!

You can see the lump on the right side of his neck (your left). This is in it's going away stages after the antibiotics. It was so much worse a week before this picture!

My beautiful Mint Chocolate Chip cupcake!

Abbi pretty much only eats the frosting off the cupcakes, can you blame her?

Buddy very daintily ate his with a fork....

for about 3 seconds...then he gave up and ate it like an animal (the way he usually eats!)


  1. I haven't been there - are they very expensive? We should go sometime! Are you ready for a girl's night out soon?

  2. Those cupcakes are making me drool!!!!! I WANT ONE!!!