Friday, July 16, 2010

A Visit From Grandma Raine!

My mom was nice enough to come out and watch our kids while we had our little get away. She is such a fun grandma! She did so many fun things with the kids! I was so grateful that they were able to spend that time with her.

I'm pretty sure she took them on a picnic to the park every day.
My favorite part of this picture is that their sandwiches are cut into triangles. I don't know why but my mom has always cut her sandwiches in triangles and I've always cut mine in squares. Isn't that odd? Triangles sandwiches remind me of my childhood.

I think Buddy did get a little sad and started looking for Mommy and Daddy out the window.
And gourmet breakfast too! Fruit, oatmeal and cinnamon rolls! Spoiled? They weren't too happy to see the cereal come back out when I got home.

Buddy holding the baseball grandma got him

My mom taught them how to play T-Ball. They love it now. They even made bases out of washcloths and had a grand time running the bases! Buddy couldn't quite lift the bat and had to hold the fat end to keep it up.

Abbi hitting her pink ball (backwards)

Sticker Time!

My Mom took them to Fairytale Town in Sacramento. They love that place. I took my mom and the kids when Jack was only a few weeks old. I'm glad she remembered it. We haven't been there forever!

Grandma said Jack kept calling the giant's toes "fingers"


Apparently Jack fell in love with this Turtle and wouldn't leave it's side or stop kissing it! Typical Jack!


My mom had to leave before Abbi's ballet recital, but she got to see her dress rehearsal the day before.
Princess Abbi

I was so glad my mom got to spend time with the kids. They still talk about Grandma Raine and all the fun things she did with them and how they miss her. One day my mom took out the trash and Abbi told her, "Wow Grandma, you know how to do everything!" She is right, grandmas always know how to do everything. Hopefully some day I can be promoted to grandma and know everything!

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