Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wacky Tacky Weekend!

We are getting new carpet! Which is great! But we decided to tear out our fireplace before the new carpet goes in. Turns out that's a lot of work! Who knew?

Dirty Boys!

I really can't complain. My only assignment was to keep the kids out of the house. That is harder than it sounds. My kids don't like to shop so it's not like I could just run errands or go to the mall. Plus it is 105 degrees today so I was not going to the park!
We thought we'd go to Wacky Tacky. It's like a huge McDonalds playground indoors. The kids really liked it and it was only $5 so I really liked it.

YouTube Video

Abbi told me she wanted to have her birthday party there, but we will see!

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