Friday, July 16, 2010

Swimming Sweeties

I know we usually have bathing beauties, but this summer we have swimming sweeties! Both my kids are loving our pool this summer. We usually swim at least once a day. On these 108 days we have to swim early morning to beat the heat! And the sun with my two snow whites! We've only had 1 burn this year from Abbi. Not too bad considering how often we are out. But we continue to be diligent with the sunscreen! The pool has been a real blessing for me being 7 months pregnant and hot all the time.

Even Paul has had some fun in the pool!

Abbi hanging out with the Activity Day girls

He always takes his sweet time getting in

Abbis new "crazy eyes"

We have had some real accomplishments in the pool this year. Abbi can swim everywhere (with a life jacket) and she even swims the length of the pool and back with only her hello kitty kickboard!

Jackson has conquered his fear of the pool or maybe the fear of being cold and is now comfortable hanging out on the pool stairs. He swam with his life jacket on by himself a few times but is not too fond of holding on to nothing! But he gets braver every day!

As for me...this is all you'll see of me in a bathing suit this summer!

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