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Paul really hates carnivals and fairs! He doesn't like the rides, the food, or the carnies. He prefers the wholesome goodness, family fun and general cleanliness of Disneyland. And who can blame him? But me? I'm a sucker for these things! I love the rides brought in on a trailer, set up in 15 minutes, covered in vomit; the fried (any-kind-of-food-you-can-think-of-I-had-no-idea-you-could-fry-that?) food; and all the nice carnies with missing teeth who you can barely understand even though you know they are speaking your language! I love it all!

So naturally when I saw this little mini carnival in our mall parking lot I knew I had to drag Paul and the kids along so I could have some fun!

The first ride I took the kids on was the teacups. Now these aren't your ordinary Alice's cups and saucers! I was able to spin these SUPER fast and then not slow down so fast! Let's just say I may have scarred my kids for life! They were both screaming half way through the ride, things like "get me off!" "I'm all done!" "I don't like this!" and "I want to go home!" They were holding each other tight and I'm pretty sure I saw tears in their eyes. I felt so bad and they were hesitant to go near the rides after that. I know, I'm a terrible mother!

Abbi cried getting on the train after the teacups, but she got over it and started having fun!

This was buddy's favorite ride, the "penguins!" they were really whales, but I can definitely see where the confusion comes from!

Ah, so relaxing!

Abbi enjoyed the slow pace of these jeeps with really annoying horns!

Buddy enjoying the penguins:

YouTube Video

I was so shocked that Abbi actually made it down the slide! I was 99% expecting to have to hike up those stairs and carry her down. I was so proud of her! She wouldn't go near this at the state fair. This was my favorite when I was a little girl and my mom took me to the Del Mar Fair so it was really fun to see her enjoy this!

YouTube Video

I'm only bummed that I didn't get any pictures of the Carnies. They did not disappoint!

Overall I think the kids had a great time (despite the terrifying teacup catastrophe). The evening ended with 2 screaming kids wanting to do more rides and games, 2 exhausted parents and 1 good baby in a stroller (not pictured...sorry Amelie). I call that a success!

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