Sunday, March 20, 2011

Roller Babies!

Our ward has a tradition of an annual roller skating party. This is the first year I have been. I think I have always been pregnant when this thing "rolls" around! We had so much fun! I wish I had more pictures! I had the kids wheels tightened so they could just walk with their skates. Eventually Jackson took his off and just ran laps on the rink next to me. I pushed Amelie in the stroller (I learned this trick when Abbi was a baby). She had a great time strolling along in comfort with an unobstructed view of mommy! Paul carried Abbi around the rink while skating, which was exhausting to watch. Abbi was just so excited to see all of her friends outside of church all together. She's such a social, friendly little thing always running up and hugging her friends. And everyone is this girl's friend. She is not selective yet, thank goodness. Kami came with us and had a great time getting her bearings on wheels and holding hands with Kate and doing very slow laps! Her and Abbi pretty much just held onto the stroller while we did laps. The girls had a sleepover afterward. So fun! So glad my kids have cousins nearby. It's how I grew up and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Abbi having a good time...

Wish this was a better picture...her face is priceless!

Two of my sweet, adorable Activity Day Girls! How I love them!

Paul showing off his stuff on the in line skates. You can tell most of the men in our ward grew up in the 90's!

YouTube Video

Kami venturing out on her own! I was so proud of how brave she was.

YouTube Video

Overall a wonderful night! I love our ward and how willing everyone is to help each other out. It really is like a big family!

Vanessa & Fam

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