Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Little Monkeys at the Zoo!

We went to the Folsom Zoo today. It was nice. It took a whole 20 minutes to see all the animals! I grew up in San Diego and worked at the Wild Animal Park as a teenager so it's kind of hard to be impressed by any zoos. But I thought for the location and space they had a pretty good selection. I think our favorite animals were the peacocks that had free range of the zoo and kept flying over our heads. It must have been peacock mating season because all the males were showing off for the girl birdies. That really scared buddy, but Abbi my little wild life photographer to be got right in there! No fear! One of the peacocks lost a feather and Abbi got to take it home! When I asked Buddy what his favorite animal at the zoo was he said, "um, scared!" that pretty much sums it up for him. Haha.

The real highlight was probably the park next to the zoo. That alone was worth the drive! It was a cute little western themed park complete with ponies, a covered wagon, saloon and general store! Adorable! They also have this cute little train you can ride for $2, but I lost the cash in my back pocket so we couldn't ride. The kids were bummed, but at least we will have something to go back for!

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