Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Morning!

We woke up Christmas morning and Santa brought buddy a GIANT stuffed Buzz Lightyear (thanks mom) and Abbi a box of Tinker Bell Dress-ups. Then Grandma spoiled them with every princess and toy story toy you could ever imagine! When My siblings and I were finished opening presents, my kids were not even half way done. I felt bad! Good thing though since I really didn't get them anything.

Buddy and Life-sized Buzz!

Abbi trying to wake up and take it all in!

New Tinker Bell Outfit

Princess tent, complete with backpack, air mattress, sleeping bag, flash light and compass!
A few hours later Abbi fell asleep on Grandma's lap. Sparky was a little jealous!

This video is so cute. We were all laughing about something and Abbi started laughing in her sleep. Adorable!


  1. Hey Van, I enjoyed all your updates. It's good to hear your voice. Your kids are HUGE! It really makes me sad how fast they grow. Looks like the Hunts are Healthy and Happy! :) Glad you had a good Christmas. We were actually kind of up in your neck of the woods for Christmas. Too bad we missed ya. Give those kids a huge hug and tell them it's from Auntie Ashy back in Florida.

  2. That is the most precious thing I've ever seen!