Monday, January 4, 2010

Yup, I've Reached Total "DORK" Status!

Ok, so my husband will probably kill me for this post, but this event was such a huge thing in my life I just can't possibly leave it out of my blog! Right? I got brave this November and threw a Twilight: New Moon Premiere Party at my house for the girls in my family. I literally spent months planning for this party! It was so much fun! I know, I know you think I'm obsessed! It was really worth it though. We had "Italiano" for dinner, played Twilight trivia games (I think we all won) with a prize of a golden onion, reenacted our favorite (or least favorite) scenes from the first movie and overall just blabbed about how excited we were to see the second! And it was good wasn't it? So around 10 we all headed over to the theater to wait in line (poor Mom got their earliest to save a spot and just about froze to death), then we saw the movie at midnight with hundreds of other people old and young male and female! It was so much fun!

Here we are all Freezing in line to get into the theater...worth it though!

My table, complete with new moon plates and napkins and "blood" to drink. The golden onion is at the back of the table (compliments of mom)

Blood bag and "twilight woods" lotion for party favors.

Blood Bottles
"Team Jacob" cupcakes
Sparkly "Team Edward" cupcakes
The girls and our awesome shirts! I wore this one to Disneyland. My husband is great, he let's me get away with anything...I love you Paul!

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