Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No More Dreaming...It Really WAS a White Christmas!

We went back east to see my family for Christmas this year and were pleasantly surprised to find 2 feet of snow on the ground! This was my first ever white Christmas, as well as my kids! Paul's had plenty of White Christmases and White Summers in Canada though! We had so much fun playing outside in it for about 1 hour and then we had our fill. Abbi was into it a little more than Jack. She would throw clumps of snow at us and say "I'm snowing you!" Jack liked it as long as you were holding him so he didn't have to walk in it. It was up to his waist, poor guy!

Sparky peeing on our snowman
The kids jumping on the trampoline with Grandma after spending an hour clearing the snow and ice off of it
Abbi after being "snowed!"

Our lame attempt at a snow blob. We named him Bob the snow blob. He has donut eyes and a carrot nose. My brother Jeremy told me we needed olives for the eyes. We would have used coal, but who has coal lying around these days?
Runn nose Buddy not too happy to be in the snow at first.

We tried to make snow angels but this one just sort of turned into a snow chair. She was stuck here for a few minutes. It was pretty funny!

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