Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thanksgiving and then the REAL Holiday!

I didn't get many pictures from Thanksgiving because Jack was not feeling very well. He broke 8 teeth in 2 weeks and just had a rough time of it. Poor little guy. He wouldn't let go of me for about a week straight and just cried all the time. See how sad he looks? But we had some delicious Turkey courtesy of Mom Hunt and lots of other yummy food! Paul built a water bottle rocket launcher and all the kids decorated their bottles and launched them at the park. This is a tradition we've done the last few years. It's Paul's favorite and he spends weeks building the launcher. Here's our one picture from Thanksgiving. And then there are a few pictures of the REAL holiday...Black Friday of course! This year all the nieces spent the night at my house and we got up around 4 and hit Walmart and other stores. It was so much fun! Don't they look tired?

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